Monday, September 22, 2014

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real” was a #1 book on the New York Times Bestseller list. It’s the true story of a family who was given a glimpse into Heaven through their son Colton.  Greg Kinnear plays Todd Burpo, Colton’s dad and a preacher of a small church in Nebraska.  Colton, played by the adorable actor, Connor Corum, gets very sick and needs emergency surgery.  As his parents call the church for prayers for their son, Colton has an incredible journey as he is being operated on.  It is only later, that Colton starts telling his family the things he saw and heard in Heaven.  The family has to decide whether Colton’s visions are real or made up. Did his son really see angels? Did he talk to Jesus? And did he really see his grandfather?  The town’s people are divided over the issue and the church must decide if they’re going to stand with the Burpo family and Colton’s incredible stories or release him from his duties.  I really liked this movie!  I had read the book but found the movie to be more powerful and inspiring than the book.  To me, I enjoyed the journey that this movie took me on.  The sweet face of Colton as he talked about Heaven just made me feel happy about what I believe in.  It’s an inspirational film the whole family can watch together. 

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