Monday, November 9, 2015

San Andreas

This movie has got to be the end all to disaster movies!  Get ready to shake, rattle and roll as you go on a rollercoaster of craziness with this movie! A 9.0 earthquake has struck California along the San Andreas fault and all h@ll has broken loose!  Buildings are collapsing, explosions, tsunamis, cats and dogs living together! (had to throw that in for all you Ghostbusters fans!) But the fault has opened up and it’s swallowing everything whole and we need a hero to save the world!  Dat da da daaa  – in comes our hero – Duwayne Johnson to save humanity or at least his ex-wife and daughter.  In all seriousness – don’t take this movie seriously.  It was so over the top - I mean really – can a boat get enough power to crest over the top of a tsunami?  If you’re looking for a movie that’s full of CGI effects and a whirlwind of crazy stunts – this is the one.  I didn’t mind going along for the ride though because overall, it was fun and worth 2 hours of my time.



  1. You made my day having a Ghostbusters reference in this review!! *high five* If I hadn't already seen it I would have watched it just for that! :D

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