Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Glen Campbell . . . I’ll Be Me

This is a beautiful documentary about Glen Campbell and his farewell tour after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  The Campbell family opened up their lives while they toured with Glen for 151 dates over a year and a half of doing concerts.  They gave us an insight into what their lives and Glen’s life is like living with this awful disease.  They are very open and honest about the slow decline of Glen’s memory and we get to see how a worldwide star struggles with his highs and lows.  One thing that just amazes me – he may forget the lyrics, he may forget names and people, but he didn’t forget how to play guitar.  If you were in any of those audiences – you still would’ve been at a great concert because his love of his music still came through when everything else was fading.  Truly a film I really enjoyed, even with tears in my eyes.


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