Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Gift

Creepy – that’s a good word to describe this film that you may not have heard of.  Jason Bateman plays a regular guy named Simon, who with his wife, Robyn, moved back to his home town for a new job.  Along the way he meets a childhood friend named Gordo.  Gordo the weirdo.  And that’s where the story gets interesting.  This film is a psychological thriller that kept me very involved and wondering who or what was around the corner.  Gordo is making his presence known in Simon’s and Robyn’s life but why? Why is Gordo always there? Why is he always dropping off presents for them? What is it about Gordo that just gives you the chills every time you see him?  There is a huge twist at the end of the movie that will take you aback.  Not to spoil anything – but it left me wondering – who is the bad guy? One of the tag lines for this movie is, “the sins of your past will become your present.”  Just because you’ve forgotten what you may have done doesn’t mean the other person has!  Check it out!

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