Wednesday, March 2, 2016


There was a reason that Sylvester Stallone won a Golden Globe this year for his reprisal of Rocky – because he deserved it!  This movie packed a powerful, emotional punch that I wasn’t expecting.  Sly is Rocky and no one can play him better!  At this stage of the game – we see a much older, wiser Rocky than what we knew in the past.  His wife died and his child no longer visits him.  He has no desire to be in the ring until Adonis shows up on his doorstep.  What a better salute to the original Rocky movies than to have the old memories mixed in with the new.  We are taken on a very emotional journey as we watch the fire light up in Rocky’s eyes again with his love for boxing and see the beginnings of possibly, a new character, come to play.  There are a few twists that almost broke my heart and I knew the movie couldn’t end that way.  But for all true Rocky fans – it ends with a fight of redemption and the love of an old friend.  Don’t miss it –just sit back and enjoy it!


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