Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This movie was incredibly powerful!  It was intense, scary, emotional, fast, slow, draining and just wore me out!  Brie Larson won the “Actress in a Leading Role” Oscar for her portrayal of a woman that was kidnapped at the age of 17, and forced to live in a shed for seven years!  It was just her and her son in that “room” with little more than basic necessities.  He was born there and didn’t know ANYTHING about the outside world – just that room.  He had never looked out a window or gone up or down stairs or petted a dog or even seen or talked to anyone except his mom and eventually their captor.  After escaping, it was like that's when the real struggle began!  With trying to get back to normal life and all the issues the whole ordeal had caused for everyone.  I was worried about the kid adjusting, but the mom had been so strong for so long, she's the one who had the most problems when it was all "over" for them.  Both of them, along with all of their family, went on a horrible journey that can never truly end for any of them.  I’m glad I watched this one, but never need to see it again.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, either… 

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