Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Good Neighbor

This movie was a little different.  The story is about two high school kids that are attempting to scare their old, cranky neighbor into believing his house is haunted.  They set up all kinds of props to get his attention along with sneaking into his house and installing cameras so they can watch and record everything from home.  Besides recording everything not being the best of ideas, each attempt to frighten him seems to bring out some hidden emotions from his past that end up to be much more than either of the boys bargained for!  The more they watch, the more they wonder about what he’s doing in areas they can’t see on their cameras, and the riskier their own behavior gets until it all comes to a head.  James Caan plays the neighbor and does a great job in his role.  It’s a simple story overall, but was pretty intense and felt like there was a lot more to it than there appears to be on the surface.  This one can cut deep if you let it…

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