Thursday, December 8, 2016

Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart – Duwayne “The Rock” Johnson . . . what more could you ask for?  I know, you’re probably thinking dumb – cheesy – been there, done that before movie, but it was a good movie with a lot of laughs.  Kevin Hart plays Calvin Joyner, an all-around popular jock from high school.  Duwayne plays the overweight, nerdy kid that everyone made fun of.  The opening scene is set in a gym where we see them as seniors.  As Calvin is receiving his award, we see Duwayne’s character being humiliated in front of the school.  Calvin is the only one to rush over to help him.  Fast forward to 20 years, class reunion time and Calvin is looking back on his life and wondering how he went from hero to zero as he’s just an accounant now.  When Duwayne’s character calls him up, he has changed his name to Bob Stone and he’s no longer the nerdy kid we know, but more like “The Rock” as we know him.  The story goes that Bob is really a C.I.A. agent and needs Calvin’s help to break a crime ring.  But – Calvin doesn’t know whether to believe him or not because Bob Stone is into unicorns, Pretty in Pink reruns and fanny packs.  These two are great comedic actors together and each of them plays off each other so well.  It’s just a fun movie to sit back and have some laughs and to see a little action along the way. 


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