Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Shallows

It was billed as the “next Jaws” as “fearless” and “terrifying” . . . did we see the same movie???  I was thinking more along the lines of “I don’t think so” “laughable” and “oh please – did you even see Jaws?”  I found nothing new or fresh about this movie or terrifying none the less!  A woman, played by Blake Lively, goes back to the beach where her mom use to surf to deal with the death of her mom.  She is basically alone, on the waves, where she runs into a . . . shark!!  Who would’ve thought that would’ve happened???  She manages to make it to a lone rock with a gash her in thigh from the nip that the shark gave her.  She’s only 200 yards from shore – she can make it – but wait . . . the shark is reading her mind!!!  It knows what she’s thinking and no matter what she tries – he’s always there. . .waiting for the taste of her flesh and the lust of her blood!!!! Whatever will she do?? (Que the dramatic music)  She comes up with a plan – one that will rock her world and the shark!!!   REALLY??  I saw Jaws!  It was far more superior than this film and I already knew the ending before she even dipped her big toe in the water!! I guess you can assume what I thought of this movie . . .


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