Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Shallows

This movie didn’t live up to my expectations, but I think I liked it a “little” better than I originally thought.  Nancy Adams is a medical student that has lost her mother, is getting overwhelmed by life and just needs a vacation to get away from everything for a while.  She decides to travel to a secluded beach she’s heard about to enjoy the sun and get in some great surfing – alone, of course.  What she doesn’t count on is being attacked by a shark!  After escaping, she’s able to eventually make her way to a raised rock that she can sit on to get away from the killer shark, but is still 200 yards away from shore.  She’s also injured and starts suffering from the heat, along with lack of food and water, all while trying to “outsmart” the shark.  Overall, I just didn’t buy it.  I’d heard it compared to the movie Jaws, but it was nowhere near that level!  And the longer it went, the cheesier it was, and the more overacting there was!  I liked the scenery and filming, but the story just got old and didn’t go very far once it was all set up.  It had potential, but didn’t live up to it for me…

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