Thursday, September 7, 2017


I had high hopes for this one – I shouldn’t have!  Everything said how funny it was – it wasn’t!  Maybe I was hoping Goldie Hawn was back and would make it a great movie – she didn’t!  Also, I have never really cared for Amy Schumer – and still don’t!  I’m starting to feel like movie writers don’t even know what “funny” really is anymore!!!  Or how to write comedy that is actually smart and entertaining without it being just a bunch of language and dirty references that get very old, very quick!  There wasn’t even much of a story – Schumer’s character gets fired and then dumped by her boyfriend before a vacation she had planned and talks her careful mother into letting loose and going on the vacation with her.  The vacation turns into a RIDICULOUS “adventure” that involves being captured, escapes, a bunch of killing, a tapeworm, and just a lot of stupid stunts that made me feel like watching this piece of garbage was a complete waste of time!!!  It wasn’t funny.  It was just sad…

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