Thursday, September 7, 2017


Rated R
91 minutes 
Starring: Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn

Worst. Movie. Ever. Seriously.  I expected a lot from this movie with the great Goldie Hawn but . . . this was not a movie for a comeback!  Granted – I don’t like Amy Schumer.  I don’t think she’s funny or can act but I put a lot of hope in Goldie.  There was no chemistry between the leading ladies.  The storyline fell flat and I didn’t laugh out loud once!  I couldn’t stand the brother, he was just plain creepy, (like “I need to take a shower” creepy) and a lot of language! The jokes fell as flat as Goldie’s face lift (did I just say that?) and I wanted a better movie!!  I wanted to laugh but all I did was cringe at the acting and the jokes.  I feel like Joan Rivers when I say, “can we talk” about the tapeworm scene??  BLECH!  Premise of the movie is - daughter is a loser.  Mom stays at home and is afraid to do anything.  Daughter talks mom into going to Ecuador with her because her boyfriend dumped her and no one else wants to go with her.   The daughter hooks up with a hot guy – gets the mom to come along and BOOM – they get kidnapped.  The rest of the movie is about them trying to escape the “clutches” of the kidnappers.  Ho-hum.  Don’t believe the hype about this movie, “The Funniest Movie of the Year”. It’s fake news!!

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