Thursday, July 26, 2018


Rated R
1 hour 26 minutes
Starring: Nicolas Cage

What has happened to Nicolas Cage?  He used to be so huge!  And he used to be in GOOD movies!  Not so much anymore.  This movie wasn’t totally horrible, and he’s definitely been in worse ones lately, but it wasn’t very good, either.  Him and his son-in-law are both policemen and start their day by learning they have to take a “ride along” kid with them on their patrol.  Besides having to deal with having the kid with them and trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt during the day, they stumble on a huge bank robbery that becomes a MASSIVE shootout.  Pretty basic stuff overall.  No real surprises.  Acting was pretty bad and the lines were nothing to write home about.  I actually liked Nicolas Cage in it, but even he can’t save a movie this weak!  If you like him and are just wanting something to pass the time, this might be alright, but don’t be expecting much from it, either.

Library Link:  211 (DVD)

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