Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Walking Dead

Well, this is one I probably wouldn’t have watched on my own.  But, Christy kept telling me how good it was and how much she enjoyed it.  After her bugging me over and over about how I needed to watch it, I finally gave in – and I’m so glad I did!  I would have to agree with everything she wrote about it.  It reminded me of the movie Zombieland for the story, but was a completely serious version.  You really do come to care about the characters and almost put yourself in their place, wondering what you would do or how you would handle different situations they come across.  It is kind of gory in many of the scenes, but doesn’t seem to be doing it so much for shock value as trying to look as realistic as possible (OK, some is definitely for shock value, too!).  I also liked that it wasn’t totally predictable and there were some surprises.  I guess I’m hooked, too!  I’m already waiting for the new season to begin!!!

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