Monday, November 7, 2011

Heart & Souls and Penelope

I want to tell you about two movies that I really enjoyed!  I like movies that have heart and warmth to them.  Movies that make me smile and laugh and movies I can watch over and over again and still enjoy them as much as I did the first time I watched them.  Heart and Souls is one of them.  I adore Robert Downey Jr and this film has so much charm to it I have to tell you about it.  The premise may seem odd – it’s about four spirits that have unfinished business on earth and they need Robert Downey Jr’s help to fulfill their last wishes.  He finds out that by helping them – he learns his own life lessons along the way.  That we all have a desire to be forgiven, to be loved, to be remembered, and to make the most of our lives while we are still here on earth.  Hopefully this movie will make you laugh – smile – and just forget about your problems if just for a couple of hours.

Then, just a fairy tale away is PenelopePenelope has been cursed with a nose of a pig - a pig nose instead of a normal nose.  For years her parents have kept her hidden because of the scorn and hurtful words people have thrust upon her.  But now the time has come for her to get married and her parents are paying any man to look past the nose and marry their daughter.  But to Penelope, she knows love is more than just money or looks.  That love is something that is deep, true, and something that will look past all faults to the real heart of the person.  Penelope is a fairy tale of a curse, a blessing, and coming to find out that you are who you are and people will love you just as you are if you love yourself first.  An enchanting film that will cast its’ spell on you with some fairy dust, a sprinkle of laughter, and of course, as all fairy tales go . . . a happy ending. 

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