Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This was Taylor Lautner’s first independent role outside of the Twilight films and I was anxious to see how he did.  Unfortunately, this movie rates about an “F” for me.  The premise of the film is, Taylor’s character is a high school student doing a report on missing kids.  He runs across his picture on a web site and confronts his parents - his parents inform him they are not his real parents.  That’s where the whole story line gets cheesy!  I expected more from the director, John Singleton, but this movie was just a wreck.  Taylor has a long way to go before he is certified as an action hero or a true actor.  He is void of any emotion and the storyline itself is implausible and DUMB!  There is no way anyone would believe that a high school senior is capable of kicking butt the way he does AND outsmart the bad guys.  It was a bad script from the start and the actors only made it worse!

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