Monday, January 14, 2013

Hope Springs

I’m still not quite sure what to think of this movie.  Maybe it was supposed to be like a "therapy session" for couples watching the movie?  Every single scene seemed longer than it should be (like a bad SNL sketch!) and the more uncomfortable they felt with what they were doing, the more uncomfortable I felt!  I don't want to feel all awkward and uncomfortable watching a movie!  And that's how this felt to me!!!  It was like I was there for their most personal, private, awkward moments whether it was discussing their sex life with their therapist, or trying things in the movie theater or trying to find a way to make out without actually touching each other!!!  It was disturbing!  This movie felt like it was never going to end!!!  I thought it was going to be like fun things couples were doing to get their marriage back on track or something - not some incredibly awkward "touching and more for old people" movie!!!  And that's what I was thinking the whole time - that "old" couples might like this or be able to relate to it!!!  I agree with Christy - it WAS icky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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