Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Argo is a very compelling thriller of a true story based in our American history. 

Taking a review from Amazon:
Based on real events the dramatic thriller "Argo" chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans which unfolded behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis focusing on the little-known role that the CIA and Hollywood played-information that was not declassified until many years after the event. On November 4 1979 as the Iranian revolution reaches its boiling point militants storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran taking 52 Americans hostage. But in the midst of the chaos six Americans manage to slip away and find refuge in the home of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor. Knowing it is only a matter of time before the six are found out and likely killed the Canadian and American governments ask the CIA to intervene. The CIA turns to their top "exfiltration" specialist Tony Mendez to come up with a plan to get the six Americans safely out of the country. A plan so incredible it could only happen in the movies.”

This movie, was an outstanding performance of story, acting, and keeping the viewer invested in its’ characters!  I absolutely enjoyed this movie!!  Ben Affleck did a superb job of directing, producing, and acting it, as well as did other well known actors such as Alan Arkin and John Goodman.  It’s by no accounts a boring historical docudrama - but a story of something that was so “out there” in terms of a hopeful rescue that even the government considered it the “worst of the best scenarios .”   I was glad when this movie won best picture and hope you'll make time to watch it – you won’t be disappointed.

I was on the edge of my seat this whole movie!!!  Not having much prior knowledge of the events of this hostage crisis, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how it would all play out.  The entire movie was so engrossing, I felt like I was with them every step of the way and crossing with them through every checkpoint!!!  It was SO INTENSE!  I was wanting it to speed up just so I could see how everything would turn out.  I truly feel like a different person after watching it.  It was THAT moving to me.


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