Monday, February 11, 2013


I can’t stop thinking about this movie!  I love Denzel Washington in everything he does and this one is no exception – he gives an incredible performance.  He plays an airline pilot that is an alcoholic.  When the plane he is piloting goes into a nose dive, he miraculously saves the plane and almost everyone on board, and is an instant hero!  But when his toxicology tests return with alcohol and cocaine in his system, things start to unravel.  After the first scenes with the plane, this movie turns into an intense character study.  He’s in denial the whole film and is claiming that what was in his system had nothing to do with the crash – that there was a mechanical failure - which was proven to have caused it.  But then, the drugs were in his system and there were deaths on the flight he was piloting, whether that was actually the cause or not.  He’s an incredible pilot, but would I want to be on a plane with someone flying in that condition?  NO!!!  Should he lose his job?  Yes!  Should he go to prison?  I don’t know…  There are so many different ways to view all of the events in this one!  I was drawn into this movie – it’s definitely one that I’ll be watching again!

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