Monday, March 11, 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

This is the end – the end of the Twilight series.  I have seen all the Twilight movies and this one didn’t disappoint me as a Twilight fan.   You know the characters, you know the story, you know how it was all going to end – but yet I wanted to see the conclusion play out on screen. What I liked about it was that Kristen Stewart finally was acting!  Bella was finally a strong character with power, authority, and some depth to her being.  Edward and Jacob took a back seat in the storyline - but it really was Bella’s final story.  The fairy tale that Bella and Edward had been searching for since they first locked eyes across the cafeteria in the first Twilight book was finally complete.  All the characters you came to know were back to take their final bow and the producers put a spoiler in to throw us for a loop, (which I won’t tell you just in case you’re the one person who doesn’t know what it is).  For any Twilight fan it was a movie that is a must.  It was a satisfying ending to a story that swept away its’ audience with the first meeting of Bella and Edward and it ended with the happily ever after that everybody wanted.

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