Monday, May 6, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

I was really looking forward to this movie, but wasn’t quite sure what to think about it while I was actually watching it.  But the longer it’s been since I’ve seen it, the more it seems to be affecting me!  I thought Bradley Cooper did a very good job as Pat, a man with bipolar disorder just getting out after a stay in a mental institution.  He’s trying to get his life back together after losing his job, his house, and his wife.  I absolutely LOVED Jennifer Lawrence in her role – a woman named Tiffany trying to get over her husband having been killed.  I also thought Robert De Niro was good as Pat’s dad.  I’m not sure why this one has affected me so much – maybe just that there were a lot of scenes and “issues” they had that were very relatable if you’ve ever dealt with those types of things or people.  I could feel how much Pat was trying to make his life work and the walls that Tiffany had put up trying not to get hurt and just how vulnerable she really was - it all just felt very real to me!  Maybe it’s a good reminder that everyone has things to deal with and some may be having a rougher time than others and that there is just so much more than meets the eye with most people.  Maybe we're all a little damaged inside.

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