Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Impossible

The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 took close to 230,000 lives.  It happened the day after Christmas while families were vacationing and people were enjoying the beauty.  It’s a miracle that anyone survived the massive waves that destroyed everything and everyone in its path.  This is one family’s account where they did the impossible-they survived.  The Belon family, played by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor play the parents and Tom Holland plays their oldest son, Lucas, and 2 other newcomers play their 2 younger sons.  I have to give it to the children – they were exceptional!!  The movie centers around the oldest son, Lucas, who manages to find his mom in the wave and they cling together till they are rescued.  He is the heart and soul of this film – the acting in this film is so well done that it captures the fear, the torture, the pain, the love and the will to live no matter what the cost.  The Spanish director did a great job in recreating the tsunami and there was a moment in the film – where Lucas is shown under water.  He is struggling to reach the surface in the torrid water that is swirling around him.  The film goes silent – you know he is losing - I must’ve been holding my breath with him because when he finally surfaces – I could breathe again.  A well done movie about a terrible event that took so many lives but one that still gives hope that miracles do happen and the good of humankind still exists in the midst of tragedy.

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