Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Big Wedding

What do you get when you put really big name actors into a movie with a lackluster story line? Junk!  Ok – maybe I’m being a little hard on this movie but it really wasn’t very good – at times it even reminded me of the American Pie movies for the older generation. Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton play a divorced couple with 2 grown kids and an adopted Portuguese son.  Robert De Niro is shacking up with his girlfriend, Bebe played by Susan Sarandon, who also is the best friend of Diane Keaton.  The family is together because their adopted son is getting married.  But, he didn’t tell his very religious biological mom (who speaks no English) that his adoptive parents aren’t married so they have to pretend to be married for the weekend.  On top of this, the other son is a virgin trying to lose his virginity with the adoptive brother’s sister and the real sister is having a marriage crisis which also results in a father daughter crisis. (not to mention the game of who’s sleeping with who and that includes the neighbors!) Did you get all that?  Many of the jokes fell flat, the language and the sex scenes were like “really” and the whole mood of the film felt so junior high.  There were just a few “heart tug” moments but the whole movie was just lame and I’m glad I didn’t pay money at the theaters for it.

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