Monday, November 4, 2013

The Way Way Back

This is one of those movies that is charmingly quirky.  The feel of movie reminded me of Juno and Dan in Real Life, which I liked.  The opening scene starts off with Duncan, played by Liam James sitting in the back of a station wagon.  You can already tell he’s the type of boy that is not a go getter and that truth is proven when his mom’s boyfriend, Trent, played by Steve Carrell, asks him what number he thinks he is.  Duncan says a “6” and Trent says “no, you’re a 3”.  That line sets up the movie for which way it’s going to go.  Duncan is 14 and forced to spend the summer with his mom and her boyfriend who can’t seem to quit picking on him.  Duncan ends up finding his escape at the local water park and learns what it means to stand up for yourself and find your own voice.  The movie is off the beaten path but it was enjoyable.  There wasn’t any new broken ground here – just a nice story of relationships.


  1. I just watched this one! I liked it a lot :)

    Liam James is a charming actor and I look forward to seeing him in more things in the coming years.

  2. I really liked this one, too! It's amazing the effect people you surround yourself with can have on your life sometimes.