Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pete’s Dragon

This is such a sweet, sentimental story.  Pete is left alone in the forest by a car accident that kills his parents.  He has no one to protect him and the wolves are circling him.  In comes Elliot, a beautiful, soft, dragon that saves him.  As the story goes, we know that Pete and Elliot became family.  But one day, Pete is seen in the forest by a local forester and they want to save him. This begins another new story of what it means to be family and to believe in what’s not seen.  We go on a great adventure with Pete and Elliot and I loved every minute of it.  One of the actors in this movie is Robert Redford, who plays the grandpa.  He was such a delight to see.  This film is for all ages and it will make you cheer and maybe even shed a tear.  Just a terrific film.


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