Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here’s another movie that’s been around for awhile, but most people have never heard about when I mention it to them.  I absolutely LOVE this movie!  It’s about an abandoned dog that was taken in by a college professor (Richard Gere), becomes a part of his family and actually becomes a part of “everyone’s” lives without anyone fully realizing how much their lives have become intertwined.  Based on true events, it’s also an incredibly moving story that shows what true loyalty is.  It’s such a simple story, I can’t believe how powerful and touching it is – I cry EVERY time I watch it!  I’m even tearing up right now!  I don’t want to tell everything and have spoilers, because I think it’s even more powerful if you don’t know how the story plays out.  If you like dog movies like Old Yeller and Marley & Me, or have ever had that special bond with a pet, you should really be able to identify with the feelings in this movie.  I think I need a tissue...


Hachi is one of those movies that didn’t get any press but it is one that shouldn’t be missed.  It is based loosely on a true story of a rare kinship between a man and his dog.  Their friendship stood the test of time and the limits of time also.  A story of love, devotion, and what ultimately proved to be a one-of-a-kind relationship that we as humans all yearn for.  I agree with Eric and suggest you have a box of  kleenex with you – because it will tug at your heart and make you want to hug your dog and hold the ones you love even a little more closer.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Bridesmaids . . .in one simple word – YUCK!!  It was suppose to be the “funniest movie” of the summer.  It had been billed as “The Hangover” for women.  I didn’t know you had to dumb down the story line to make a movie for women!!!  I knew going into this movie that there would be language, sex, and crass humor BUT I didn’t know it was going to be over-the-top stupidity in writing!  I get that the writers wanted it to be funny, they wanted it to be crafty, witty, and wise . . .but they were just lacking in brain cells.  This movie is 2 hours in length and I only made it through the first 45 minutes!!  I didn’t find anything remotely funny in it.  I thought it was long, repetitive, gross, and lacking anything humorous!  I know everyone has their degree of what they think funny is and what they can stand watching - I probably spent 45 minutes too long on this movie because it was a waste of time and for that matter - I’m smarter than the movie!


For some reason, I had high expectations for this movie – maybe just all of the marketing and everything comparing it to The Hangover.  Let’s just say that I was VERY let down!!!  I guess I was expecting maybe "smart" funny – not a bunch of dumb “bathroom” humor and tons of unnecessary scenes that seemed to take forever to end.  Most of the time, it was like watching a bad SNL skit that should have stopped a lot sooner!  And it was just SO uneven - it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be stupid and disgusting or halfway serious and have an actual story.  I don’t know if they were going for shock value or what.  There were some funny moments or a line here and there, but not anything NEAR what I was expecting!  I didn't really "hate" it, but was just very, very disappointed with the whole thing...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Thor the god of thunder–son of King Odin, is next in line to take his father’s position.  In their world – there is an internal struggle going on between father and son, brother and brother and enemy against enemy.  As Thor decides to take vengeance upon the warring factor he is held in contempt by his father and banished forever from his planet of Asgard and thrust upon earth without his powers – he is now mortal.  So begins the journey of Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.  I like this type of movie if it’s done well.  I like X-Men, Iron Man, and the new Star Trek but this one just fell flat.  I thought the whole space story of his origins was hokey and I was surprised Anthony Hopkins, who plays his father, would do this role.  The story line got a little more interesting when he was on earth – he meets a girl, Natalie Portman, finds out who he is and saves planet earth but it’s like I had seen the story before in the classic Flash Gordon, Superman, Star Trek and Iron Man.  It was an okay movie but as far as a summer blockbuster went – I was looking for more “WOW” then just a sizzle.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dan in Real Life

I know this movie is a little bit older, it was done in 2007, but with the movie, Crazy Stupid Love in the theatres and coming out soon on DVD – I thought I would plug another movie by Steve Carell that you might have overlooked.  Dan in Real Life was one of those movies that I was expecting one thing – didn’t like it after watching it – but yet watched it over and over and I found the charm and the humor in it and now it is one of my favorite movies!  Steve Carell, from the television show, The Office, plays Dan, a single father raising three high-spirited girls.  It is time for the yearly family reunion and as they embark to visit the family – they all get more than what they bargained for.  Dane Cook plays Steve’s brother with a new girlfriend.  A girlfriend that Dan met at the coffee store and made a connection with unbeknownst to him, that it was his brother’s girlfriend.  It’s a story of love lost, love found, innocent love, and a family that will drive you crazy and still have your back at the end of the day.  It is filled with humor, life’s crazy lessons, and a message that you are pretty lucky if you have family above all else that loves you no matter what!  If you’re looking for a film to pass the afternoon – check this one out and give it try.  It just might strike your funny bone and give you a reason to smile.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everything Must Go

I don’t know if I liked this movie or not.  I think I did.  I never quite know what to expect when I start a Will Ferrell movie.  Is it going to be over the top?  Or really stupid?  Or maybe it could be serious – which is more where this one went.  It starts out with him losing his job and just goes downhill for him from there.  When he goes home, all of his belongings are in the front yard, the doors are locked and his wife is gone.  He seems completely blind-sided and really doesn’t know what to do, so he just starts “living” in his yard – almost like he’s just trying to make the best of his situation.  He does find new friends and they are all able to help each other in their lives in different ways.  It definitely wasn’t funny like I was expecting – there were maybe “moments,” but it was never where I laughed out loud or anything.  It sounds like a pretty simple movie, but the more I think about it, there seem to be a lot more “levels” to all of it than I realized when I was watching it.  I’m starting to see that I DID like it.  It’s really making me think – and I do like that!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Help

I usually don’t write about movies that are still in the theatres – but I have to tell you about “The Help”.  I LOVED this movie!!  What a powerful story!  The movie is from the book with the same title by Kathyrn Stockett and it centers around one town in Mississippi during the height of the racial tensions.  The story is told from the perspective of black maids who worked for white families.  These women were the primary caretakers of the home and the children but yet they were treated as third rate citizens even though they were running the homes.  The story centers around a character by the name of “Skeeter”, played by Emma Stone, who is home from college and feels propelled to tell the stories and secrets of the maids and show the prejudices that existed within her community.  This movie was filled with so much character, charm, and depth that when the movie was over and the credits were rolling . . .nobody in the audience moved.  We all sat there still thinking about what we just saw!  This was a tremendous movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that is more than just fluff.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Perfect Host

So, The Perfect Host was kind of different – to say the least.  The story revolves around a bank robber looking to hide out after he was injured during a heist.  He winds up at the door of Warwick Wilson, played by David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame.  The robber thinks he’s in control of the situation, but it’s not long before he realizes he has met his match in Warwick.  What unfolds is an unpredictable night of strange events and not really knowing who is who or what the future holds for anyone!  Is Warwick crazy?  Who really knows?  There were a LOT of twists - and just when you'd kind of think you knew what was going on, it would completely go the other way on you!  It’s one I’d almost want to watch over again after kind of already knowing the story just to be able to follow everything easier.  Let’s just say not everything is always as it appears!